The Catalyst Role

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Building a stronger community starts with you.

What is a Community Catalyst? KCCI Community Catalysts are change agents. They make a volunteer commitment to educate, engage and enable fellow citizens to build a more authentic, sustainable and prosperous community.

The 2019 application window has closed.

2019 Project: Red Hills Rhythm 

Leon County boasts a rich musical history. From jazz musicians and the Florida Blues Trail to University musical programs and cutting edge pop, rock and rap stars that began in Tallahassee, the Red Hills are alive with the sound of music.

The 2019 Red Hills Rhythm project will highlight this deep-seated connection and bring our community together through the creation of innovative musical element(s) in a public space. The Catalyst Team will collaborate to cast a vision for an interactive outdoor musical experience and then work to make it a permanent fixture within the Tallahassee landscape.

Ideas the Catalyst Team might pursue include:

Catalysts might also choose to incorporate other defining characteristics of Tallahassee into the musical experience. For example, the team could integrate the sounds of a fountain or small waterfall to celebrate the city’s reputation for excellent water quality and taste.

It is always exciting to see what a diverse group of Community Catalysts will develop.