Get Gaines Going

getgainesgoing-logoGet Gaines Going was established to accelerate the ongoing efforts to revitalize and develop Gaines Street as an arts and entertainment district. Get Gaines Going planned to work with community leaders to create incentives that would move the project forward at a quicker pace and eliminate hurdles that previously caused delays. Richard Florida’s research shows that people are now choosing where to live before choosing where to work. The development of Gaines Street will help create a more vibrant sense of place and encourage members of the creative sector to locate in the region.

Throughout the year, this team operated as a non-funded political action committee, consistently meeting with city leaders and encouraging them to make decisions and take action in the best interest of the Gaines Street corridor. The team also supported businesses and individuals with an interest in Gaines Street to communicate better with one another. In the near future, the city will begin landscaping the street and moving forward with a number of redevelopment projects, including plans for a 90,000 square foot arts incubator in partnership with Artspace. As the catalysts’ year-long commitment ended, some team members chose to continue working with local leaders by sitting on the newly created Gaines Street Vitalization Committee, where they have a voice in the future of the corridor.

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