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KCCI Catalysts Select New Initiatives for Tallahassee Area

TALLAHASSEE, FL—The Knight Creative Communities Institute’s (KCCI) community catalysts have selected three initiatives that aim to enhance Tallahassee’s economy and help develop a stronger sense of place for its residents.

The 32 volunteers met over a two week period for workshops that focused on understanding the concepts of renowned social theorist Richard Florida and discussions with community leaders to devise new ways to help create the sense of place that will attract and retain college graduates, young professionals and members of the creative class.

After brainstorming, discussion and passionate debate, the catalysts have narrowed their focus to three projects: Frenchtown Farmer’s Market, Tallahassee Music Week and Downtown Sense of Place.

The Frenchtown Farmers Market goal is to create a permanent and sustainable presence for the Frenchtown Farmers Market. They hope to collaborate with existing efforts and to promote the concept to the broader community.

Tallahassee Music Week wants to create a week-long event that will create opportunities for local entertainment venues, clubs and restaurants to feature live music possibly concluding with a larger act in partnership with other local organizations.

Downtown Sense of Place wants to create a sense of place in the various downtown districts through specific projects. The projects will help to distinguish downtown as a place for residents and visitors to gather and create a vibrant community.

Participants in this class of community catalysts include: Dominick Ard’is, Melissa Baniak, Shaunna Boggs, Richard Cassedy, Wallisa Cobb, Carla Deloach, Harrison DuBosar, Brandon Eisaman, Gareth Euridge, Amanda Fliger, Anthony Gaudio, Shelly Gomez, Donald Gray, Byron Greene, Max Herrle, Cat Keen, Jackie Kornegay, Devan Leavins, Brett Leone, C.B. Lorch, James Marshall, John McNeill, Geo Miller, Rick Minor, Kirsten Nyman, Kyle Phelps, Robert Renzi, Paul Strickland, Tom Taylor, Amber Tynan, Rebekka Wade and Mark Winger.

Over the course of the next year, these KCCI volunteers will work together with local leaders and advocates to develop these projects into self-sustaining organizations or programs. Members of past KCCI catalyst groups were responsible for producing the Tallahassee Film Festival, the environmental group Sustainable Tallahassee, the Get Gaines Going Initiative, Identify Tallahassee, Tallahassee Business Resources, Explore Outdoors, Cultivate Cascades and EllaVate (Lake Ella) .

“We can achieve our goal of making Tallahassee a place that young professionals, college graduates and the create class want to live, work and play if local residents become actively engaged with projects like these,” said Mike Pate, program director for KCCI.

If you would like to participate or get involved with KCCI projects, please visit our website at or contact Mike Pate 850-294-1823.

KCCI is a program of the Tallahassee Community College Foundation and is funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. For more information about the Tallahassee Community College Foundation, please visit For more information about the Knight Foundation, please visit