Catalyst Interview Series: Mat Tharpe

Mat Tharpe, a fourth generation Tallahassee native, reflects on his time as a 2016 Community Catalyst and how the Reimagining Waterworks project has taken shape, as well as sharing why he started his business in his hometown. Read More

Catalyst Interview Series: Byron Greene

KCCI's 2013-2014 Catalyst Team created Tallahassee Music Week and passed the baton to the Word of South Festival in 2017. Byron Greene shared his experience as a Catalyst promoting local musicians and increasing public appreciation.Read More

Tallahassee’s Top 50 List

The 2018 KCCI Community Catalyst Class, known as Experience Tallahassee, has created a list of top 50 places to experience. Check items off the list, and share your progress on social media with #ExperienceTLH. Read More

A #hashtag with a meaning

#iHeartTally and the letters–TLH–are much more than a photo-op or airport code. The 2017 KCCI Community Catalyst team's art installation is a visual reminder of who we are. Read more as Catalyst Tiffany Bowers's reflects on her project experience. Read More

Catalyst Interview Series: Abena Ojetayo

Two years ago, she didn't know if she'd remain in Tallahassee. However, after encouragement from a friend, Chief Resilience Officer, Abena Ojetayo found herself being accepted as a KCCI Catalyst and is now deeply vested in the future of Leon County. Read More