What We Do

KCCI engages citizens to make positive change in the community.

KCCI brings together a diverse group of community “Catalysts” who implement sense of place projects each year that support Tallahassee’s economic mobility while working to attract, retain and harness talent and increase entrepreneurship. KCCI projects are sustainable, typically tie in with civic infrastructure and always bring a variety of people together.

Our past projects have generated nearly $1 billion in economic impact. KCCI has trained 240+ residents in our KCCI Community Catalyst training program, and we’ve involved more than 200 business partners as we have implemented more than 20 major projects that have contributed to the area’s sense of place and economic vitality.

KCCI provides the Catalysts with training on:

  • The concept of the creative class
  • Economic drivers
  • Tallahassee’s opportunities, weaknesses and what’s on the horizon

Research from individuals such as Richard Florida indicate that young professionals and other members of the creative class choose where they want to live before searching for employment. More specifically, it demonstrates that cities marked by a distinct “sense of place” attract and retain young professionals at a far greater rate than other regions.

Research shows KCCI’s projects are working. KCCI has a proven track record of projects and will continue this momentum to create maximum community impact.

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