The Catalyst Role

Become a Catalyst

Building a stronger community starts with you.

KCCI Community Catalysts are change agents. They make a volunteer commitment to educate, engage and enable fellow citizens to build a more authentic, sustainable and prosperous community. The application to be a 2021 KCCI Community Catalyst closed Friday, October 30 at 5 p.m. Once an applicant successfully applied, they would have received a confirmation email from Betsy Couch with further details. The 2021 Class will be announced in December 2020.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact Betsy Couch at 850-509-3767 or [email protected]

2021 Project: Art in Public Spaces

The benefits of public art are countless. The Knight Foundation’s Soul of the Community study revealed a significant correlation between community attachment and economic growth. Public art, diverse spaces and experiences beautify our physical community and enhance our social enjoyment.

In addition, a recent University of Florida’s Center for Arts in Medicine report provides evidence for public art’s role in reduced loneliness and isolation, increased racial equity, increased mobility and exercise, and the elevation of community narratives.

In Leon County the 2021 KCCI Community Catalyst class has an opportunity to enhance art in public spaces by coming up with a sustainable, elevated plan for success that can build upon the momentum started by the Art of the Box pilot project. The 2021 KCCI Community Catalyst team will create and implement a plan to have more art in public spaces by transforming utilitarian items such as traffic control boxes in into creative works of art.

We hope you apply to become a Community Catalyst and add your name to the list of local leaders improving our capitol city.