The Catalyst Role

Become a Catalyst

Building a stronger community starts with you.

KCCI Community Catalysts are change agents. They make a volunteer commitment to educate, engage and enable fellow citizens to build a more authentic, sustainable and prosperous community. The application cycle to be a 2023 KCCI Community Catalyst is closed.

2023 Project: Creative Crosswalks for Tallahassee

People use road intersections and crosswalks every day, and the 2023 KCCI Community Catalyst team will explore a new way to make Tallahassee’s intersections safer, more efficient and colorful.

The 2023 KCCI Community Catalyst team will be challenged to expand the Crosswalks to Classrooms pilot project by bringing creative crosswalks and asphalt art to Tallahassee neighborhoods. In addition, they will look into the possibilities of transforming entire intersection(s).

Creative crosswalks and creative intersections, also known as asphalt art, transform ordinary crosswalks and intersections into functional works of art. Asphalt art helps make drivers aware of crosswalks where pedestrians may be present, decorating the city and encouraging safer driving. Communities all over the world are using creative crosswalks for placemaking and to boost pedestrian safety.

During the project, KCCI’s team will engage diverse groups — residents, students, local governments, businesses and more — through participatory urban planning. Our goal is to create memorable public art that improves roadway safety and the experience of moving around Tallahassee.

Research by the Bloomberg Foundation showed that roadway murals reduce vehicle speeds and attract pedestrians, complementing traditional traffic calming measures. Creative crosswalks beautify, support the arts and enhance safety. They help promote active forms of transportation and strengthen community by getting people outdoors.

Application cycle for 2023 closed Oct. 26

The 2023 Community Catalyst Class will be announced in December.

Catalyst applicants do not need a background in art to apply, as this effort will require skills and experience across a range of professions, as well as diverse perspectives from all walks of life.

Application Cycle for 2023 is Closed