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Community Catalysts

KCCI Community Catalysts are change-agents in the Tallahassee community. Through a self-nomination process, interested catalysts apply and then are selected by the KCCI Advisory Board for each year’s “Catalyst Class.” The Catalysts volunteer their time, and with input from KCCI, implement a sense of place project each year.

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Name Initiative Year
Lester Abberger Get Gaines Going 2007-2008
Debra Amesqua ELLAvate 2012-2013
Dominick Ard’is Tallahassee Music Week 2013-2014
Joey Arellano Access Art TLH 2021
Brad Ashwell Red Hills Rhythm, Red Hills Rhythm 2019
Ronald Baker Tallahassee Business Resources 2009-2010
Jovita Bakker Talent Lives Here 2009-2010
Susan Baldino Red Hills Rhythm, Red Hills Rhythm 2019
Scott Balog Access Art TLH 2021
Melissa Baniak Tallahassee Music Week 2013-2014
Chucha Barber Tallahassee Film Festival 2007-2008
Bryson Bard Experience Tallahassee 2018
Betsy Barfield Explore Outdoors 2009-2010
Althemese Barnes Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Kathy Bartlett Greenovation / Sustainable Tallahassee 2007-2008
Brian Batchelder #iHeartTally 2017
Theresa Bender Bicycle Park 2020
Debbie Bergstrom #iHeartTally 2017
Bill Berlow Greenovation / Sustainable Tallahassee 2007-2008
Peggy Bielby Amp Up Tallahassee 2010-2011
Dorothy Bland Jump Start Plan X 2007-2008
Nancy Blum-Heintz Southside Sense of Place 2010-2011
Shaunna Boggs Downtown Sense of Place 2013-2014
Brian Bohm ELLAvate 2012-2013
Jeff Bond Gateway Tallahassee 2011-2012
Bobby Boone Southside Sense of Place 2010-2011
Tiffany Bowers #iHeartTally 2017
Amy Bradbury Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Erika Branchcomb Access Art TLH 2021
Nolia Brandt Greenovation / Sustainable Tallahassee 2007-2008
David Bryne Greenovation / Sustainable Tallahassee 2007-2008
Caroline Burnette SPARK TLH 2012-2013
Cyrus Calhoun, III Access Art TLH 2021
Mike Campbell Identify / Illuminate Tallahassee 2009-2010
Kevin Matthew Carr ELLAvate 2012-2013
Melanie Carr Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012
Paige Carter-Smith See Tallahassee 2015
Tony Carvajal Jump Start Plan X 2007-2008
Richard Cassedy Downtown Sense of Place 2013-2014
Somnath Chatterjee Capital Sports Initiative 2010-2011
Long Chen Experience Tallahassee 2018
Wallisa Cobb Frenchtown Farmers Market 2013-2014
Shannon Colavecchio Access Art TLH 2021
Fran Conaway See Tallahassee 2015
Casey Cook ELLAvate 2012-2013
Sheila Costigan Get Gaines Going 2007-2008
Cory Couch Identify / Illuminate Tallahassee 2009-2010
Betsy Couch Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012
Bo Courtenay Bicycle Park 2020
Berneice Cox Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012
Jenny Crowley #iHeartTally 2017
LaKendra Cunningham Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012
Jeanne Curtain Tallahassee Film Festival 2007-2008
Tatiana Daguillard Red Hills Rhythm, Red Hills Rhythm 2019
Ashley Daniels See Tallahassee 2015
Tarsha Davis Bicycle Park 2020
Allison DeFoor Get Gaines Going 2007-2008
Carla DeLoach Tallahassee Music Week 2013-2014
Tom Derzypolski Boca Chuba 2012-2013
Hetal Desai Identify / Illuminate Tallahassee 2009-2010
Joshua DeSha #iHeartTally 2017
Bryan Desloge Get Gaines Going 2007-2008
Liz Desloge Boca Chuba 2012-2013
Ryan Dietz SPARK TLH 2012-2013
Megan Doherty #iHeartTally 2017
Justin Domer Amp Up Tallahassee 2010-2011
Rebekah Dorn See Tallahassee 2015
Harrison DuBosar Downtown Sense of Place 2013-2014
Sarah Duncan Gateway Tallahassee 2011-2012
Colleen Dwyer Gateway Tallahassee 2011-2012
Nipa Eason Access Art TLH 2021
Chris Edwards Bicycle Park 2020
Talethia Edwards Access Art TLH 2021
Bill Eichhoefer Bicycle Park 2020
Brandon Eisaman Downtown Sense of Place 2013-2014
John Elliott Tallahassee on Two Wheels 2011-2012
Emily Ely Red Hills Rhythm, Red Hills Rhythm 2019
Elizabeth Emmanuel Experience Tallahassee 2018
Cliff Englert ELLAvate 2012-2013
Gareth Euridge Tallahassee Music Week 2013-2014
Edward Fernandez Gateway Tallahassee 2011-2012
Richard Fetchick Bicycle Park 2020
John Fleming Talent Lives Here 2009-2010
Amanda Fliger Downtown Sense of Place 2013-2014
Jamie Fortune ELLAvate 2012-2013
Ken Foster Capital Sports Initiative 2010-2011
Chase Foster Boca Chuba 2012-2013
Joseph Foster Gateway Tallahassee 2011-2012
Melissa Franklin Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Rick Frazier Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012
Anthony Gaudio Frenchtown Farmers Market 2013-2014
Stacey Getz Communications 2007-2008
Michelle Gomez Frenchtown Farmers Market 2013-2014
Chrys Ivey Goodwyne Boca Chuba 2012-2013
Kevin Graham Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Julz Graham Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012
Suzannah Grasel Bicycle Park 2020
Donald Gray Tallahassee Music Week 2013-2014
Ben Graybar Tallahassee Business Resources 2009-2010
Crystal Green Explore Outdoors 2009-2010
Byron Greene Tallahassee Music Week 2013-2014
Blair Gregg Experience Tallahassee 2018
William Gwaltney Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012
Alan Hanstein Tallahassee on Two Wheels 2011-2012
Matrell Hawkins Jump Start Plan X 2007-2008
Cosby Hayes #iHeartTally 2017
Max Herrle Tallahassee Music Week 2013-2014
Melanie Hicks Communications 2007-2008
Stephen Hogge Communications 2007-2008
Bob Howard Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Sarah Howard ELLAvate 2012-2013
Debbie Huey Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012
Tyler Huston Boca Chuba 2012-2013
Nita Jackson Southside Sense of Place 2010-2011
Khari James Access Art TLH 2021
Ochuko Jenije, II Boca Chuba 2012-2013
Charlie Johnson Southside Sense of Place 2010-2011
Christine Johnson ELLAvate 2012-2013
Brad Johnson See Tallahassee 2015
Judy Jones-Colston Jump Start Plan X 2007-2008
Shawn Kalbli Tallahassee Business Resources 2009-2010
Nadia Kamal Tallahassee Business Resources 2009-2010
Eric Katz Bicycle Park 2020
Cat Keen Frenchtown Farmers Market 2013-2014
Stefanie Kiedrowski See Tallahassee 2015
Jake Kiker Identify / Illuminate Tallahassee 2009-2010
Mary Lee Kiracofe Experience Tallahassee 2018
Jacqueline Kornegay Tallahassee Music Week 2013-2014
Dia Kuykendall Capital Sports Initiative 2010-2011
McKinnon Langston Boca Chuba 2012-2013
Devan Leavins Downtown Sense of Place 2013-2014
Laura Lenhart ELLAvate 2012-2013
Brett Leone Downtown Sense of Place 2013-2014
James Lewis Explore Outdoors 2009-2010
Bradford Lewis Get Gaines Going 2007-2008
TJ Lewis Get Gaines Going 2007-2008
Lucas Lindsey See Tallahassee 2015
Rod Lipscomb Talent Lives Here 2009-2010
Matt Littlefield Tallahassee on Two Wheels 2011-2012
Ed Lombard Boca Chuba 2012-2013
C.B. Lorch Tallahassee Music Week 2013-2014
Molly Lord Bicycle Park 2020
Alissa Lotane Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Julie Lovelace Talent Lives Here 2009-2010
Joseph Lowder See Tallahassee 2015
Jessica Lowe-Minor Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Calla MacNamara Red Hills Rhythm, Red Hills Rhythm 2019
Lindsey Magura Experience Tallahassee 2018
Tyler Maldonado Access Art TLH 2021
Nancy Marcus Communications 2007-2008
James Marshall Downtown Sense of Place 2013-2014
Nancy Mattimore Gateway Tallahassee 2011-2012
Bill Mattox Identify / Illuminate Tallahassee 2009-2010
Frank Mayernick Greenovation / Sustainable Tallahassee 2007-2008
Heather Mayo Experience Tallahassee 2018
Casey McKinney ELLAvate 2012-2013
Chiquita McKnight Southside Sense of Place 2010-2011
Mike McManus Greenovation / Sustainable Tallahassee 2007-2008
John McNeil Downtown Sense of Place 2013-2014
Cindy Meredith Capital Sports Initiative 2010-2011
Leslie Mille Explore Outdoors 2009-2010
Geoffrey Miller Frenchtown Farmers Market 2013-2014
Rick Minor Tallahassee Music Week 2013-2014
Kendra Mitchell Red Hills Rhythm, Red Hills Rhythm 2019
Bill Moor Get Gaines Going 2007-2008
Jason Moore Amp Up Tallahassee 2010-2011
Barby Moro SPARK TLH 2012-2013
Serena Moyle Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Marie Moyle Access Art TLH 2021
Ed Murray Amp Up Tallahassee 2010-2011
Slaton Murray Experience Tallahassee 2018
Andi Nelson Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Joshua Newman Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012
Christine Nieves See Tallahassee 2015
Kirsten Nyman Downtown Sense of Place 2013-2014
Mark O’Bryant Greenovation / Sustainable Tallahassee 2007-2008
Nancy O’Farrell Boca Chuba 2012-2013
Chris O’Neal #iHeartTally 2017
Abena Ojetayo #iHeartTally 2017
Andrea Oliver Tallahassee Film Festival 2007-2008
Patrick O’Bryant Bicycle Park 2020
Alessandria Palmer Access Art TLH 2021
Marco Paredes Boca Chuba 2012-2013
Pamela Paultre SPARK TLH 2012-2013
Jeff Peters Southside Sense of Place 2010-2011
Kyle Phelps Tallahassee Music Week 2013-2014
Thomas Philpot Tallahassee on Two Wheels 2011-2012
Toby Philpot, Jr. ELLAvate 2012-2013
Susan Pourciau Tallahassee Business Resources 2009-2010
Thomas Proctor Jr. Tallahassee on Two Wheels 2011-2012
Juli Puckett Communications 2007-2008
Gloria Pugh Get Gaines Going, Tallahassee Film Festival 2007-2008
Jamal Raddar Capital Sports Initiative 2010-2011
Clayton Randle Amp Up Tallahassee 2010-2011
Aaron Redda Access Art TLH 2021
Casie Reinholt Explore Outdoors 2009-2010
Robert Renzi Frenchtown Farmers Market 2013-2014
Jay Revell Identify / Illuminate Tallahassee 2009-2010
Carlos Rey Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Marcus Rhodes See Tallahassee 2015
Jamiron Richardson Bicycle Park 2020
David Rictchey Red Hills Rhythm, Red Hills Rhythm 2019
Jenny Robertson Identify / Illuminate Tallahassee 2009-2010
Rob Rushin Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Paul Rutkovsky Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012
April Salter Tallahassee Film Festival 2007-2008
Josh Saul Red Hills Rhythm, Red Hills Rhythm 2019
Doug Saunders Experience Tallahassee 2018
Rob Schiffer Southside Sense of Place 2010-2011
Gerri Seay Explore Outdoors 2009-2010
Floyd Self Amp Up Tallahassee 2010-2011
Jenay Sermon Southside Sense of Place 2010-2011
Ryan Sheplak #iHeartTally 2017
Lauren Shoaf Southside Sense of Place 2010-2011
Carly Sinnadurai Cultivate Cascades 2010-2011
Bruce Sipple Talent Lives Here 2009-2010
Enrika Sissle Southside Sense of Place 2010-2011
Rose Skepple Experience Tallahassee 2018
Kim Smalls Tallahassee Business Resources 2009-2010
Robin Smith Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012
Leslie Smith Capital Sports Initiative 2010-2011
William Smith Talent Lives Here 2009-2010
Rob Sniffen Capital Sports Initiative 2010-2011
Jessica Sorenson Bicycle Park 2020
Dorsey Spencer Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Todd Sperry Greenovation / Sustainable Tallahassee 2007-2008
Wayne Spinks Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Alyce Lee Stansbury Amp Up Tallahassee 2010-2011
Ben Stearns SPARK TLH 2012-2013
Robert Streater See Tallahassee 2015
Buddy Streit Communications 2007-2008
Allison Stribling Boca Chuba 2012-2013
Paul Strickland Tallahassee Music Week 2013-2014
Mandy Stringer Boca Chuba 2012-2013
Jesse Taylor Red Hills Rhythm, Red Hills Rhythm 2019
Daniel Taylor Access Art TLH 2021
Tom Taylor Downtown Sense of Place 2013-2014
Alana Taylor See Tallahassee 2015
Matt Tharpe Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Maggie Theriot SPARK TLH 2012-2013
Carlos Torregrosa Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012
Amber Tynan Downtown Sense of Place 2013-2014
John Van Gieson Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012
Allie VanLandingham Talent Lives Here 2009-2010
Becca VanLandingham Boca Chuba 2012-2013
Melissa VanSickle Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Lori Vezina ELLAvate 2012-2013
Krishnan Viswanathan See Tallahassee 2015
Alison Voorhees Southside Sense of Place 2010-2011
Rebekka Wade Downtown Sense of Place 2013-2014
Daniel Wagnon Experience Tallahassee 2018
Meghan Walker Amp Up Tallahassee 2010-2011
Lauren Wallace Red Hills Rhythm, Red Hills Rhythm 2019
John Wallace ELLAvate 2012-2013
Robyn Ware SPARK TLH 2012-2013
Marcia Warfel Experience Tallahassee 2018
Charlotte Waters #iHeartTally 2017
Adam Watson Capital Sports Initiative 2010-2011
Callie Watson Bicycle Park 2020
John Webb Tallahassee Business Resources 2009-2010
Gayle Webb See Tallahassee 2015
Karen Wendland Boca Chuba 2012-2013
Doug Wheeler Explore Outdoors 2009-2010
Sandra Whitehead Gateway Tallahassee 2011-2012
Valerie Wickboldt Talent Lives Here 2009-2010
Andrew Wilcox Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012
Kawana Williams Talent Lives Here 2009-2010
Jared Willis #iHeartTally 2017
Dara Wilson Red Hills Rhythm, Red Hills Rhythm 2019
Sarah Wilson Explore Outdoors 2009-2010
Mark Winger Downtown Sense of Place 2013-2014
Michael Wong ELLAvate 2012-2013
Alex Workman Reimagining Waterworks 2016
Chelsea Workman Red Hills Rhythm, Red Hills Rhythm 2019
Melanie Yeager Gateway Tallahassee 2011-2012
Brian Zettle Cultivate Cascades 2011-2012