KCCI is looking for project ideas

Lately there has been a lot of comparing Tallahassee with Boulder, Colorado. Talking with Boulderites during the visit, one difference became crystal-clear – our amazing level of citizen engagement and the many Tallahassee residents who take active roles in shaping our community.

The Knight Creative Communities Institute is proud to be a part of this engine that engages citizen volunteers. KCCI volunteers make things happen. They work as true catalysts to create projects that enrich Tallahassee’s sense of place, and attract and retain members of the creative class — all of which benefits the community by creating jobs and helping to transform our state capital into a thriving economic center.

Each year KCCI’s advisory board chooses a project. Now we want to hear from you as we begin to select our initiative for the coming year.

Here are some questions to ask before sharing an idea:

1. Does this enhance Tallahassee’s sense of place?

2. Could volunteers implement the idea within a year’s time?

3. Would the project appeal to a wide range of diverse people?

4. Does your idea strive for sustainability?

And here is a sampling of past KCCI projects that have created real change:

The KCCI Frenchtown Heritage Market team, working with the Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association expanded the farmer’s market into a regularly scheduled market. The economic success inspired the team to continue their work beyond the first year, partnering with others to make the market a permanent Saturday morning fixture in Frenchtown.

Tallahassee Music Week kicked off in April. The KCCI catalyst team showcased Tallahassee’s rich musical talent during a 10-day celebration of diverse musical offerings. We had more than 100 (mostly free) performances by local artists in more than 50 locations.

The Downtown Sense of Place team worked to create an “iconic” Tallahassee symbol. You enjoy their work when you sit on the porch swings all through the downtown area – including the swings in Cascades Park and neighborhoods.

The Cultivate Cascades team conducted research on Cascades Park that indicated citizens wanted musical performances. The team pushed for a more substantial amphitheater, and partnered with community partners to develop Discovery, a one-of-a-kind playscape in a public space in Florida.

The Southside Sense of Place Project worked with government to execute the construction of a new streetscape for Palmer Avenue.

The 2016 project, which will be selected in August, will come from people like you who see an opportunity for Tallahassee to grow.

Help us continue to build Tallahassee in a way that reflects what our citizens want to see. If you have a project idea, please let us know before July 23 by sharing your idea at [email protected].

Written by: Betsy Couch, executive director of the Knight Creative Communities Institute.