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Catalyst Interview Series: Dr. Nolia Brandt

KCCI Tallahassee: Describe your past involvement with KCCI.
Dr. Nolia Brandt: I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the first Catalysts during KCCI Tallahassee’s inaugural year. First, I want to compliment KCCI—we’ve always had an active, wonderfully involved community, but to a certain extent you began to see the same volunteers over and over. KCCI did an excellent job of bringing people from all different sides of the community together for a common goal.

KCCI: Tell me a little about Sustainable Tallahassee’s mission.
NB: We selected a number of projects the first year, one that would later become Sustainable Tallahassee. “Greenovation” was the idea that Tallahassee could become a more environmentally conscious city. By the time KCCI’s first year was over, the community had to own the project. It wasn’t ours to keep; it was ours to get started. With the help of community leaders and other non-Catalysts, “Greenovation” eventually developed Sustainable Tallahassee.

KCCI: What impact did Sustainable Tallahassee have on our community?
NB: I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to see Sustainable Tallahassee’s growth. Sustainable Tallahassee managed to get recycling programs in schools that didn’t have them. If I’m not mistaken, we now have recycling at the highest level we’ve ever seen within the community. There was a move to get more people to ride public transit. There were many projects that took on a life of their own and moved on to KCCI’s second year and beyond – everything from sustainable foods to alternative transportation solutions. When I look at Sustainable Tallahassee’s website, I can see the impact that they’ve had on our community.

KCCI: What can locals do to further Sustainable Tallahassee’s mission?
NB: I would suggest they visit the website – they can see what’s going on, get involved and connect with people who are actively leading those efforts.

KCCI: What are some of your favorite spots in Tallahassee?
NB: My favorite spots in the city are those where people gather. I love Cascades Park! My husband and I go there to walk… I take relatives and friends there… It’s a great place for children and families, too. I also love Lake Ella, Waverly Pond and the Rotary Centennial Park. I like that I can get as much cultural satisfaction in the arts and recreation here as anywhere, even after traveling the world with my husband.

KCCI: Who should consider becoming a Catalyst?
NB: The reason I came to completely believe in what KCCI does is that it attracted people who truly care for and love Tallahassee. Over the years, those same people have come across solutions that would strengthen the community and have the willpower to roll up their sleeves. If I had to suggest a philosophy of involvement, it would be that a great KCCI Catalyst is there to make the community even better.