“The Connect” 2015 Encompass Tallahassee

Each year, KCCI’s Community Catalyst team is filled with extremely talented, influential, diverse and inspirational individuals. While each member is unique, they all share a passion for creating sustainable change in our city.For an entire year these Catalysts devote their time, energy and efforts to a cause they connect with. These people are our professors, our bankers, our coworkers and fellow Tallahassee citizens who have taken it upon themselves to start making a change in our city.

It is with great pleasure that KCCI showcases the members of our 2015-2016 Community Catalyst “Encompass Tallahassee” team. Encompass Tallahassee supports improvement of local wayfinding systems, invests in arts-based placemaking and inspires residents to explore hidden gems across the city’s core districts. These individuals have made it their mission to highlight Tallahassee’s landmarks and local treasures. Connect with these Catalysts by reading their short bios below:



Alana Taylor

Greatest Getaway: “Costa Rica and Turkey were really cool.”

Favorite Cuisine: “Anything Asian. Totally addicted to Bahn Mi sandwiches right now!”

My favorite Tallahassee neighborhood: “Myers Park — especially now with Cascades!”



Ashley Daniels

Hometown: “Miami, Florida.”

Dream vacation: “Mauritius.”

Favorite cuisine: “Thai.”

Dream pet: “A panda.”

You’d be surprised to know: “I used to live with nuns.”



Bob Streater

Hometown: “Richmond, Virginia”

Favorite Tallahassee neighborhood: “I have lived in so many neighborhoods in 17 years. I like them all!”

Favorite cuisine: “Pizza! I have kids!”

Dream getaway: “Dubai, city in United Arab Emirates.”

You’d be surprised to know: “I am a burn trauma survivor and had to learn to walk again. Now I run 10 miles a day.”



Brad Johnson

Favorite Tallahassee neighborhood: “Sagebrook.”

Next vacation: “Nassau, Bahamas.”

Last show you binge watched: “Netflix – Marvel Daredevil.”



Christine Nieves

Favorite Tallahassee neighborhood: “Midtown (I love its walkability!) But, I love The Lichgate, Cascades Park, Railroad Square, and the All Saints and Gaines Street area. I love ALL of Tallahassee.”

My spirit animal would be: “A puppy running along the beach. Helplessly joyful Chiwienee (a mixture of a chihuahua with a long-haired Daschhund).”

One thing you can’t leave your house without: “A book – seriously, I oftentimes will walk out the door and come back to pick up a book from my sofa. It is my security blanket.”



Fran Conaway

My guilty pleasure: “I love science fiction!”

Favorite movie I saw recently: “Boyhood.”

My favorite Tallahassee neighborhood: “Leewood Hills, it’s convenient to shops and parks!”



Gayle Webb

You’d be surprised to know: “I’m a beekeeper!”

Put this on replay: “Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars”

My perfect getaway: “Italy or France, I love the food!”



Joe Lowder

You’d be surprised to know: “I play in a reggae/rock band!”

My idea of a perfect getaway: “Sailing in Belize!”

Put this on replay: “The Wild Life by Vacationer”



Krishnan Viswanathan

Favorite movie I saw recently: “The Indian film Gangs of Wasseypur.”

My favorite spot in town: “Forrest Meadows, I love the clay courts!”

My idea of a perfect getaway: “The Grand Canyon”



Lucas Lindsey

Favorite Tallahassee neighborhood: “I live in Lafayette, but my favorite place is Levy Park. They have developed a really cool brand.”

Favorite coffee spot: “I hit up a variety of places, but I often follow the pop up adventures of my friend Jason Card of Journeyman Coffee.”

Favorite movie: “Growing up, movies like The Matrix blew me away.”



Marcus Rhodes

Hometown: “Little Rock, Arkansas.”

Favorite Tallahassee neighborhood: “SOMO South Side Community.”

Most iconic piece of art: “Florida Highway Men Collection.”

My perfect getaway: “Miami South Beach.”



Paige Carter-Smith

Hometown: “I was born in Jacksonville but I grew up in Tallahassee.”

Dream vacation: “I’d like to relax on the beach in Caribbean or tour the world.”

Favorite cuisine: “Italian.”

Guilty pleasure: “Doing nothing.”

You’d be surprised to know: “I used to be on a clogging team!”



Rebekah Dorn

One surprising talent: “Baton twirling – since 6th grade and at FSU!

My dream pet: “An elephant, they’re gentle giants!”

My favorite Tallahassee neighborhood: “Betton Hills, I love that it’s so walkable.”



Stefanie Kiedrowski

My guilty pleasure: “All day Netflix binging!”

Dream pet: “A Cheetah. It always has been because of the 1989 movie “Cheetah.”

My favorite Tallahassee neighborhood: “Lafayette Park is my favorite place!”



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