Market District Welcoming Mural

March 28 — SeeTallahassee, KCCI’s Community Catalyst team that launched in 2015, is continuing its work on supporting wayfinding and placemaking in Tallahassee. The latest mural is being painted in Market Square next week, located above the entrance to Chicken Salad Chick, 1410 Market Street. The mural invites viewers to explore Tallahassee’s Market District.

The mural joins two other team-generated murals, the first, at the intersection of Thomasville Rd. and Seventh Avenue, highlighting the Midtown District, and the second, on the north wall of Orion Motorsports, 1215 S. Monroe St., illustrating major features of the South Monroe District. Several more murals will be painted in the next few months as key elements of SeeTallahassee’s project.

The Market District mural emphasizes the district’s connections to the area’s natural beauty, healthy living, recreation, as well as its wide variety of dining and shopping opportunities. Sponsors of the Market District mural include building owner Fred Shelfer, Chad Gardner of SuperSuds, Premier Health and Fitness and the Community Foundation of North Florida. Porter Paints donated the paint for the project. The mural is designed by Libby Armstrong and painted by Jonathan James.

The 2015 KCCI Community Catalyst team is supporting Tallahassee’s wayfinding signage project, which is installing more functional, attractive road and location signs to direct citizens and visitors to key area sites.

The SeeTallahassee campaign includes not only sense-of-place murals, but also a unique, stylized artisanal map in print and digital form, and an interactive website that will provide information about area locations, features and events in different districts. The overall #SeeTallahassee project “launch” will culminate with the Amazing Capital Race on Sept. 17, 2016.