Other Communities Following Suit

Have you had a chance to enjoy the porch swings around town that were made possible from KCCI’s Downtown Sense of Place Team? Well, leaders from Concord, North Carolina have noticed and after consulting with KCCI’s team members will start putting up their first porch swings in Concord next week! Congratulations to KCCI’s team for not only enhancing Tallahassee but Concord, NC.

“After visiting Tallahassee for his daughters softball tournament and seeing the swings, he liked the idea so much that they asked for information on how we made them possible and a copy of the construction plans.” said Devan Leavins, KCCI Downtown Sense of Place team member. “It is really awesome to see people from another city/state look at our project as a project to implement in their city.”

Porch Swings may be purchased in Tallahassee by contacting Chris Lisenby with the City of Tallahassee Parks and Recreation Department at 850-891-3866 or by email at [email protected]