Reimagining Waterworks Update

The KCCI 2016 Waterworks team has been working this past year to help move the redevelopment of the currently deserted, yet historic, Waterworks building forward. They obtained community feedback, identified funding sources, developed a property Opportunity Assessment, and worked with staff and elected officials. Earlier this year, the team applied for almost $1 million in historic preservation grant funding.

As a culmination of these efforts, recommendations for the next steps of the building were brought forward to the City Commission. The City Commission met last night, Dec. 14th, where they discussed the future of the Historic Waterworks building. KCCI is pleased the Commission voted to:

-Initiate a proposed rezoning to include a Historic Preservation Overlay over the Waterworks property and building.

-Establish “Funding for Historical Resources” as a 2017 legislative priority to ensure that the grants awarded are funded.

-Proceed with the architectural assessment in early 2017 to ensure that assessment results are received prior to Legislative grant funding.

-Authorize the issuance of an RFP to sell the Waterworks site subject to the various grant restrictions.

The Commission’s decision means that the ultimate goal of the Waterworks project is to have an end use that results in a sustainable and economically viable enterprise that complements the surrounding area, including Cascades Park and the Bloxham and Firestone block redevelopment, will be met. Regardless of the specific use of the building, there will likely be an educational component highlighting the Waterworks’ history and impact upon Tallahassee’s growth and development.

“Preserving the historical qualities of the building while moving development forward on this site are important to this community,” said Melissa VanSickle, Chair for the 2016 KCCI Waterworks team. “Last night’s vote was the first step in making sure that the historical integrity of this community asset will be preserved no matter how it is redeveloped. It has been a pleasure working with the community, Commissioners and staff to move this project forward to activate this area.”