Todd Sperry

Catalyst Interview Series: Todd Sperry

Knight Creative Communities Institute (KCCI): How did you get involved with KCCI?

Todd Sperry (TS): “I had just left my job at the St. Joe Company. I had always been involved with the community prior to working there, but I really wasn’t that involved with the community while I worked there because my business took me away from Tallahassee. The spring I was let go, I heard about KCCI and thought it was time to get re-engaged with the community, so I applied and was accepted as a Catalyst.”

KCCI: What was the mission of the Greenovation/Sustainable Tallahassee project?

TS: “It was called Greenovation because we wanted to know, ‘what can we do for the greening of Tallahassee?’ We actually worked on some ideas which have now taken root. One of the things I was working on was an urban design studio, which is basically where you can come into government and say ‘here’s what I want to do’ and they actually have professionals work with you to try and figure it out. They help you get through all the regulations so that you can keep your big picture.”

KCCI: What was your biggest challenge working on the project?

TS: “The differing styles in which people achieve goals. I’m a very business-oriented person and I had people in my group that wanted the process to be organic and less planned out.”

KCCI: What was the biggest win of your project?

TS: “Sustainable Tallahassee. We created an organization that took our concepts and moved forward and is still around today.”

KCCI: Your team ended up forming a 501(c)(3) organization, Sustainable Tallahassee. Are you still involved with the non profit?

TS: “I’ve been a corporate member on and off, but not currently.”

KCCI: What is your favorite part about living in Tallahassee?

TS: “The people is my favorite part. The people are warm and open here. The culture of this community is friendly and accepting.”

KCCI: Who should apply to be a KCCI Community Catalyst?

TS: “People that have a unique skill or insight into some portion of our community that can take their strengths and pair it with other people’s strengths to come up with holistic solutions. Someone that wants to make an impact.”