iHeartTally Update

The iHeartTally Team envisions Tallahassee as a place where a rich tapestry of experiences is discovered, celebrated, and contributes to economic vitality.  We believe our project, to bring the popular #iHeartTally to life by designing, creating and installing a life-size, 3-D representation of the hashtag, is more than the installation of a tourist attraction. It could begin to help address the challenge of socio-economic segregation and blighted areas by curating images and stories of our shared love and aspirations in the city.  The utilitarian public art creates a legacy by engaging the community in revitalization and by encouraging tourists and residents to share their Tallahassee Love Story and pictures with the interactive, outdoor art on social media.

The “BIG Reveal” is tentatively scheduled for fall 2017 as part of the KCCI 10th Anniversary celebration. Over the next six+ months, the iHeartTally Team will be engaging the broader community in celebrating the diversity of experiences that make Tallahassee a great place to live, work and play and catalyzing the revitalization of an up and coming area.

If enough funding is secured a smaller iHeartTally version will travel to different events/sites throughout each year. By having an interactive, outdoor art installation that moves to different community spaces, the project can highlight the people and places that make Tallahassee unique.  

The team hopes our collective efforts are the beginning of bridging the gap across different areas of Tallahassee and the diverse people that make up our city, while also creating an urban parklet experience and marketing our communities wonderful offerings.

If you are interested in learning more or interested in partnering with the team on this project, please contact volunteer KCCI team member Debbie Bergstrom [email protected].

Written by iHeartTally team members Abena Sackey Ojetyo and Debbie Bergstrom