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2018 Community Catalyst Class Announced

The Knight Creative Communities Institute announced members of its 2018 Catalyst Class, who will be designing and implementing KCCI’s project for the upcoming year, University-Community Connectivity. The initiative’s goal is to bridge the gap between students at institutes of higher education and the greater Tallahassee area.
Members of the 2018 class are: Bryson Bard, Long Chen, Elizabeth Emmanuel, Blair Gregg, Mary Lee Kiracofe, Lindsey Magura, Heather Mayo, Slaton Murray, Douglas Saunders, Rose Skepple, Daniel Wagnon and Marcia Warfel.
“Each of this year’s Catalysts brings a unique background and skill set to the project,” said Betsy Couch, Executive Director of the Knight Creative Communities Institute.  “Through their creativity and effort, Tallahassee will see relationships blossom between collegiate students and the surrounding community.”
The University-Community Connectivity project follows in the wake of KCCI’s 2017 project, #iHeartTally. Over the past 11 months, the 2017 Class has been working to bring this popular hashtag to life and further excitement for #iHeartTally while also linking the South Monroe and downtown areas through the installation of urban art and a park space.
The 2017 team’s mobile sculpture, which showcases the #iHeartTally hashtag, debuted at the Jazz and Heritage Festival on October 28, 2017, and has been traveling around the community at popular events. The main structure is currently in design and will be unveiled in January. It will be produced by the FSU Master Craftsmen Studio. Both pieces of art were designed by team members Ryan Sheplak and Cosby Hayes with input from the community and approved by the remaining 2017 Catalysts. This team also brightened up the entrance to Kleman Plaza with a vibrant #iHeartTally mural.
The 2017 and 2018 projects fit into KCCI’s broader vision of attracting and retaining young professionals in Tallahassee. Past KCCI projects include Get Gaines Going, Cultivate Cascades, the Frenchtown Farmers Market, and See Tallahassee. For more information on what KCCI is accomplishing in the Tallahassee community, please visit