2018 Catalyst Team Kicks Off

The 2018 KCCI Community Catalyst Class commenced its University-Community Connectivity project with two days of intensive training. The training afforded the team an opportunity to engage with one another, gain insight from past Catalysts and KCCI affiliates, learn about Tallahassee and University future plans, and hear the latest data regarding student retention and attachment to place. It also served as an opportunity for the team to begin brainstorming tactics for linking Tallahassee’s university environments with the surrounding community.

The training included a presentation and in-depth discussion with placemaking expert and TEDx speaker Dr. Katherine Loflin. It also included a historical overview of KCCI, including Richard Florida’s economic principles. The Catalysts then experienced an “urban safari,” where they toured previous KCCI projects on a trolley tour of the city. Later highlights of the event included a panel discussion from some of Tallahassee’s influential leaders and an initial team meeting facilitated by Dr. Rebekah Dorn.

Special appreciation goes to KCCI’s visionary sponsors for supporting this program and for making the 2018 class possible. KCCI also appreciates the following experts for sharing their expertise with this class: County Commissioner Bryan Desloge, City Commissioner Nancy Miller, Ed Murray, Sue Dick, Cherie Bryant, Carlos Rey, Amanda Morrison, Lucas Lindsey, Dorsey Spencer Jr., Lauren Pace, Berneice Cox, Bryon Greene, Jenay Sermon, Allie VanLandingham, Devan Levins, Brian Batchelder, Katherine Loflin, and Rebekah Dorn.