T L H urban park opens April 12, 2018

The KCCI #iHeartTally Community Catalyst team’s T L H urban park will open the evening of April 12, 2018. The project is a public art installation that will engage the community and encourage tourists and residents to share photos on social media via the hashtag #iHeartTally.

Distinctively positioned as a gateway between Southside neighborhoods and a vibrant downtown, it will function as a catalyst in the urban revitalization of the SoMo (South Monroe) District. The design features both the iconic hashtag #iHeartTally and Tallahasseeā€™s airport code, TLH. Considering the rich railroad and industrial history present in the area, the team focused on durable materials pulled directly from the local vernacular such as weathering steel and old-growth cypress.

More than 50 community donorsĀ provided funding for the urban park. Earlier in their project year, the KCCI team complemented the 10-foot-tall, steel-finished structure with a mobile version of the hashtag and a mural of #iHeartTally in Kleman Plaza.