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New Artistic TLH Added Along Capital Cascades Trail

Another Reason to #iHeartTally

Today, the 2017 Knight Creative Communities Institute’s (KCCI) #iHeartTally Community Catalyst team, along with the City of Tallahassee, Leon County Government and local business leaders, unveiled a 12-month project that brings to life the #iHeartTally campaign. 

The growing business district of South Monroe/South Adams and the continued revitalization along FAMU Way has a new added feature with an iconic structure standing approximately 10′ tall and spanning 30′ wide. Situated at the foot of the Capital Cascades Crossing connector bridge between Cascades Park and Lake Anita, this new amenity has already garnered the attention of pedestrians and bicyclists using the Capital Cascades Trail.  park sitting as a gateway between Adams St, FAMU Way, and Monroe St.

“Perfectly situated along the Capital Cascades Trail between Cascades Park and Lake Anita, this new amenity is a welcome addition to our vibrant All-America City,” said Mayor Pro Tem Curtis Richardson. “The TLH structure evokes a sense of community pride and will serve to engage residents and visitors in celebrating Tallahassee and the many attributes that make our city a great place to live, work, play and visit.”

As part of the KCCI team’s mission to bring #iheartTally to life, KCCI Community Catalyst volunteers Cosby Hayes and Ryan Sheplak spent the last year designing this sculpture, with the input and support of the additional 10 volunteer team members. FSU Master Craftsman Studio brought the designs to life in the form of a 30-foot-wide and 10-foot-tall steel-finished structure. This incredible piece was then transported by North American Properties, who also oversaw the installation of the art.

With funding provided by over 50 community donors, alongside support from the Knight Foundation fund at the Community Foundation of North Florida, the KCCI 2017 team has had an overwhelming number of supporters in the community for this project.

“Today we reveal a very unique project that has been in the making for nearly a year. This artistic structure will contribute to Leon County’s growing reputation as an arts and culture destination,” said Leon County Commission Chairman Nick Maddox. “Leon County has become an example for communities around the country for our unprecedented growth in tourism and establishing a sense of place.”

#iHeartTally was launched in 2013 by Leon County Division of Tourism/Visit Tallahassee, the official destination marketing organization for Tallahassee-Leon County. The campaign centers around residents and visitors sharing their favorite Tallahassee-area sights, activities and events through social media. It has since generated more than 213 million social media impressions showcasing tales of Tallahassee as told by those who live, work, play and visit Tallahassee-Leon County.

“It has been an incredible experience to work alongside such passionate members in the community,” said Charlotte Waters, KCCI 2017 Community Catalyst member. “To watch our group design, create, fundraise, and add a permanent element to the Tallahassee landscape makes it all the easier to call Tallahassee home.”

Prior to the unveiling Thursday evening the TLH letters were covered by a mural created by Oak Ridge Elementary Students and KCCI volunteers. It was the students opportunity to share what they loved about Tallahassee.  The mural will be on display in the future at Railroad Square in Tallahassee.

“As the budding intellectuals and future creative citizens designed art for their stories of why they love living in our Capital City, my awareness was enhanced for the true value of this project – inclusion,” said Tiffany Bowers, KCCI Community Catalyst. “Despite age, economics or location, as servants, our active and intentional inclusivity of all Tallahassee citizens is what ensures our community thrives.”

The #iHeartTally initiative marks KCCI’s ninth project year. KCCI has been implementing annual placemaking projects to help attract and retain young professionals in the Tallahassee area. Past projects include Get Gaines Going, Cultivate Cascades Park, The Frenchtown Farmer’s Market, See Tallahassee and more.

Utilizing local talent, community supporters, and a group of dedicated volunteers, the 2017 KCCI Catalyst team’s hope is to draw visitors and residents to a vibrant part of Tallahassee’s neighborhoods and also provide a unique outdoor experience. The #iHeartTally team continues KCCI’s mission of enhancing the community’s identity as a diverse and modern locale.

“This project embodies the KCCI spirit of volunteerism and community development,” said Betsy Couch, Executive Director for KCCI. “We are excited to have such strong partnerships with Leon County Tourism, Visit Tallahassee, and the City of Tallahassee, along with the wonderful private partners who continue to believe in the mission of KCCI.”

In addition, during their volunteer time as KCCI Community Catalysts, the team also made Kleman Plaza more colorful with the  #iHeartTally mural, painted by Cosby Hayes. The team also created a mobile version of iHeartTally, which travels around to top tourism and sporting events in the community.  

“It has been a pleasure working with our KCCI Catalyst team volunteers, our sponsors and community members to create a tangible expression of why we love Tallahassee, said Jenny Crowley, KCCI Community Catalyst.