2019 Community Catalyst Class Begins

KCCI’s 2019 Catalyst Class officially began Wednesday, Jan. 23 with a two-day, intensive training session for the 12 diverse community volunteers that make up this year’s class. With the involvement of community leaders, the training covered everything including Tallahassee’s economic vitality, placemaking practices, growth and economic development plans, lessons learned from past Catalyst teams and how to hold effective, action-oriented meetings and establishing healthy team dynamics.

New this year, the team participated in small-scale placemaking activities by painting a mural in Manor at Midtown, which was made possible by NAI TALCOR. They also attended a unique, “Pop Up” dinner in Ology Brewery, which exposed them to the flavor of Tallahassee’s emerging brewery scene and entrepreneurship.

Special appreciation goes to KCCI’s visionary sponsors and the following experts for making this 2019 class and training a success: NAI TALCOR and Ed Murray, Kevin Graham, Devan Leavins, Megan Doherty, Charlie Johnson, Nick Walker, Dr. Rebekah Dorn, Tiffany Bowers, Brad Johnson, Mat Tharpe, Heather Mayo, Slaton Murray, Cosby Hayes and Dr. Carlos Rey.

KCCI would not be able to do what they do without the support of our KCCI Community Partners.