Creating a Public Space for All

To create a space that is appealing to all, KCCI teams begin their work with research and discovery.

Leon County boasts a rich musical history. From decades-old jazz and blues institutions to university music programs to cutting-edge venues hosting some of today’s best talents, the Red Hills are alive with music. The 2019 Red Hills Rhythm project is highlighting this deep-seated connection and bringing our community together through helping turn the Coal Chute stormwater pond into a place of civic engagement. As a centerpiece and draw for this future public space, the KCCI team is planning to incorporate innovative musical elements.

From 6-year-olds to 75-year-olds, the KCCI project has already received multigenerational feedback from more than 600 locals to ensure that the public space embodies what the entire community wants to see.

During these outreach efforts, KCCI visited elementary schools such as Pineview and Gilchrist to learn what the students envisioned in the new public space.

KCCI also secured input from local advocates, business leaders, and KCCI Community Catalysts.

The team will continue gathering community input as plans develop.

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