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Think TLH Podcast Wins FPRA Capital Chapter Award of Distinction

KCCI’s Think TLH podcast series won a Florida Public Relations Association-Capital Chapter Award of Distinction and was recognized during the Image Award ceremony Thursday, April 25th.

The Think TLH podcast series showcases the diversity of talent living in Tallahassee and the people, projects or research that are making an impact globally, regionally or locally.

Innovative ideas have shaped the Tallahassee community and have led to thriving local businesses, festivals, and placemaking projects. Each episode of the Think TLH Podcast dives deeper into these topics and the catalysts behind them. The series also explores how creativity and quality of life in Tallahassee serve as key drivers in retaining talent. Research, history, breweries, magnets and placemaking are a few of the topics that the Think TLH Podcast covers, and are some of the many reasons why the greater Tallahassee area is such a great place to live, work and play.

KCCI Executive Director, Betsy Couch, has served as the host for the majority of the episodes as she interviews talented and creative guests in the community. Alison Leavitt is the editor and producer of the podcast, as well as guest host for some episodes. After officially launching in October, the series has received over 3,000 total plays with 25 episodes released.

For more information about KCCI’s Think TLH podcast series, or to listen, please visit The series is also available on most podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play.