Goodwood’s Got Game: Checkmate!

Active public spaces foster connections and spark economic growth. At KCCI we are constantly talking about the Knight Foundation’s Soul of the Community study that found communities’ beauty, openess, and social offerings were the primary drivers for community attachment; when you have citizens that are attached to their community, there is a direct correlation with local GDP growth. 

Goodwood’s Checker’s traveling around town were more than just a fun activity in a public place, they were bringing out the kid in all of us while building connections and helping activate public spaces.  

During Placemaking Week, community members had the opportunity to play with Goodwood Museum’s new lifesize checkers and chess sets. These sets were part of a push for making spaces more active rather than contemplative. This creative, cost-effective activity also helped make Tallahassee a more playable city. 

KCCI and Goodwood Museum partnered to offer four different times and locations for people to check out the lifesize sets. They enlivened the Downtown Farmer’s Market, Rev Cafe at Goodwood, Tallahassee Memorial lobby and Collegetown Friday Night Block Party.

The free checkers and chess sets were welcomed by people of all ages at each location. This recurring event contributed to the community’s sense of place and encouraged people to destress while trying to get a “checkmate!”

Thank you to Goodwood Museum for providing the life size checkers and chess sets and coordinating with KCCI to share them with community members. Appreciation also goes to the interns and volunteers who assisted in setting up the sets and encouraging people to play with them.