KCCI’s Project Showcase & Reveal: A Placemaking Week Celebration

KCCI’s Placemaking Week

Project Showcase & Reveal Event

On Thursday, Sept. 26, KCCI held the 2019 Project Showcase and 2020 Project Reveal. Community members, KCCI community catalysts, partners and sponsors attended the first event held at Rootstock, Tallahassee’s new downtown restaurant. Attendees celebrated the 2019 Red Hills Rhythm Project and were the first to hear the 2020 KCCI placemaking project, which is to create a new community bike park. 

In continuation of the Placemaking Week themes of community dialogue and beautification, the event brought active citizens together to share ideas about local placemaking. Attendees enjoyed craft cocktails and fresh, unique food plates provided by Rootstock. There was excitement in the air after the 2020 project was announced and people began brainstorming a vision and locations for the bike park.

The event was organized by KCCI and dedicated to connecting the organization’s sponsors, past and current catalysts, board members, and community partners. Thank you to those who attended, the current Red Hills Rhythm team for their presentation and Rootstock for hosting a successful opening event.

This free event was made possible by donations from the community toward KCCI’s efforts. KCCI is excited to continue placemaking efforts alongside such an active, ambitious community support base. 

Tallahassee Democrat published an article about the event and the upcoming educational bicycle park project. 

It was featured in broadcast features by WCTV and WTXL. It was also included in a WFSU radio feature.