Midtown Paint-athon: Street Art during Placemaking Week

Grassroots, community-led art projects promote a shared sense of place. Throughout Placemaking Week, KCCI invited community members to free events where they could participate in beautifying spaces through art projects. One of these events, The Midtown Paint-athon, was held on Saturday, Sept. 28 and invited people to join in a street art initiative. 

At the paint-athon, around 15 attendees joined in the effort to brighten the Midtown area by painting mailboxes in the parking lot between NAI TALCOR and Fire Betty’s. Attendees were excited to unleash their inner artistic abilities of all skill levels, talk to one another and activate a familiar local area.

The mailboxes are a simple but noticeable structure in the parking lot. By creatively and colorfully painting them, KCCI and participants helped to improve a local space by collaborating together on a unique design.

Incorporating temporary or public art in local spaces contributes to an attractive and engaging environment. Whether small or large scale, artistic touches add energy and inspiration. This free painting event was a successful community-led placemaking effort that brought people of all ages together to add color and uniqueness to the space. 

Thank you to Sherwin Williams for providing the paint used to decorate the mailboxes, community members for participating, NAI TALCOR for partnering to beautify the parking lot space, and Alana Taylor and Callie Watson for coordinating the event with KCCI.