Placemaking Week 2019

2nd Annual Placemaking Week

KCCI and partners will host the capital city’s 2nd Annual Placemaking Week, which is a week of free events dedicated to community engagement, placemaking, beautification of spaces and community conversations.

During Placemaking Week from Sept. 19-Oct. 1, there are five events themed around placemaking where community members can come together, make an impact, hear best practices, and bridge divides. The “week” will kick off Saturday with Zero Waste Clean Space, where the community is invited to help beautify the Greater Bond Neighborhood. Attendees will be welcomed with all supplies needed to make a positive impact.

Established in 2007, KCCI is a local organization committed to positive placemaking and community collaboration in Tallahassee. Annual KCCI sense of place projects have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in economic development for Leon County. Along with these large-scale projects like the TLH life-size letters and urban park, KCCI also organizes localized events, like those of Placemaking Week, that promote productive conversation and improve sense of place.