2022 catalyst class

2022 KCCI Community Catalyst Class

KCCI looks forward to working with the new volunteers, called KCCI Community Catalysts, who will work together to implement this year’s new sense of place project! These KCCI projects contribute to Tallahassee’s economic vitality and focus on bringing the community together. Through the use of the KCCI team’s entrepreneurship skills and creativity, this project will improve access to outdoor art, quality of life, and economic vibrancy.
Congratulations to the following individuals for being selected as 2022 KCCI Community Catalyst class members: Tiffany Baker, Donna Blanton, Vicki Bradley, Missy Briggs, Jordan Jacobs, Andrea Jones, John Lhotka, Caleb Martinez, Ericka McKibbin, Gjergj Ndoja, Scott Shamp, Kristen Summers, and Darby Tish. 

KCCI is looking forward to seeing what great things this team accomplishes! Click here to see the highlights from the 2021 Community Catalyst team’s Art Access TLH project.