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Fully Booked Update

The Fully Booked team has made substantial progress throughout the month of May. The team is incredibly close to reaching the phase 1 fundraising goal that will secure the installation of three separate Wander & Wonder Book Trails, three separate benches that will be stylized to resemble books, and the hammock garden.
Through the installation of these various elements, the team will provide an all-encompassing experience that caters to all potential visitors. Whether you would prefer to take a stroll through Pedrick Pond to experience the Wander & Wonder Trail or sit back and relax under the lush canopy as you enjoy our hammock garden, the choice is yours!
The Catalysts helped kick off the Fully Booked experience with the Pollination Celebration held with Leon County Libraries at the Woodville Branch Library. The community was happy to come together and learn about the tremendous contribution that our local pollinators give to our community. This event also featured a temporary installation of our Wander & Wonder Trail since the permanent version will debut in September.
The team continues to raise funds to create a hammock garden and an iconic art piece, while also seeking support from businesses to fund 2nd-grade field trips to the park for fall. If you are interested in a possible sponsorship opportunity, please email [email protected] or click here to view the sponsorship levels.
Through a partnership with the Friends of the Leon County Public Library, the Catalyst group has ensured that three separate installations of the Wander & Wonder Trail will be created at three Leon County libraries and park locations: Pedrick Pond’s Eastside Branch, Fort Braden, and Woodville. Additionally, Leon County Parks and Recreation will maintain these installations going forward and Leon County Libraries will rotate out the books featured along the trail. Through the collaboration of our community partners, the Wander & Wonder Trail is scheduled to be completed this August and September.
The Catalysts are continuing the work needed to bring the other elements of the project to life. Funding has been secured for three book benches, which are being built by FSU’s Master Craftsman Studio as a learning opportunity for students, and efforts are ongoing to secure funding for the hammock garden and the iconic art piece. For more information about the project, read their project page by clicking here.