Book Benches Installed

Book Benches, a Fully Booked Amenity

Located at Pedrick Pond Park, the Book Benches are featured along the scenic .4-mile trail. Along the path, citizens can relax on book-themed benches that were envisioned by KCCI’s 2022 Community Catalyst team and built by local artist Mark Dickson and the Florida State University MasterCraftsman Studio.

The book benches were sponsored by: The Foundation for Leon County Schools, Dr. Cory & Betsy Couch, and Donna Blanton & John VanGieson.

These benches provide places to pause as visitors experience the Wander & Wonder Trail. They were part of the KCCI 2022 Community Catalyst class project, Fully Booked.

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Thank you to Leon County Government, Leon County Parks staff and the Leon County Library team for their collaborative efforts with the team. In addition, thank you to all the community partners that made the entire Fully Booked experience possible.