Fully Booked Fort Braden Announcement

The 4th Annual Placemaking Week began with the new Wonder & Wonder Trail at the Fort Braden Library as part of the 2022 Fully Booked Catalyst Project. The KCCI 2022 Community Catalysts were joined by the Friends of the LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library and students from nearby Fort Braden school to unveil the project.

Students from nearby Fort Braden School were the first ones to see the unveiling. They got to walk along the trail and read the story, “Look Up,” along the way. 

 Thank you to our sponsors that helped the 2022 Catalyst team bring this project to life. This idea is going to inspire literacy through art and provide exposure to Leon County’s award-winning trail system.

To view media coverage from the event, visit the Newsroom.

Images were taken by Tricky Photography. Thank you to everyone that worked with the 2022 KCCI Community Catalyst class and made Fully Booked possible.