KCCI Woodville FullyBooked

Woodville Wander & Wonder Unveiling

Another Wander & Wonder Trail was unveiled on September 22nd at Woodville Library as a continuation of the 2022 Fully Booked Project.

Friends of the Leon County LeRoy Collins Library Board of Directors and Library staff joined KCCI’s team to unveil the Wander & Trail.


Over 100 students from Woodville School attended and participated in the unveiling.

For the first graders, it was their first field trip since the pandemic. KCCI and the Woodville Library teams were grateful to have the students there to experience the trail.

Be sure to visit the 2 other Wander & Wonder Trails at Pedrick Pond Park and Fort Braden Library.

Thank you to our sponsors that made the project possible at all three locations.

Each library will have Book Bundles of all the books featured at the Wander & Wonder Trails right now.