1st Elevated & Artistic Crosswalks Installed to Improve Safety and Livability

Leon County’s 1st Elevated AND Artistic Crosswalks were celebrated today at an unveiling on Dempsey Mayo road where 3 crosswalks now slow down traffic while enhancing the beautiful of the area and pedestrian experiences.

This year’s initiative, Crosswalks to Classrooms, has benefitted more than 3,000 students in Leon County across seven schools and today we celebrated the 12, 13th and 14th crosswalks. 

Crosswalks to Classrooms has allowed KCCI and partners to elevate the conversation around student pedestrian safety using beautiful art that engages the greater community. The use of art in crosswalks provides an educational opportunity for our students. It has been used as a teaching tool to engage students in discussions about road safety, pedestrian awareness, and the importance of community involvement. And through unique projects like Crosswalks to Classrooms, we are creating visually appealing crosswalks that not only serve as safe pathways for students but also beautify the school environment.

Students and partners celebrated with the inaugural walk across the crosswalk.

Today’s 3 crosswalks gave KCCI the opportunity to align with AARP through their Community Challenge grants. Through this program they have invested more than $3.6 million among 310 grantees across all 50 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. AARP believes that great communities take a long time to build and sustain. But they also believe that quick actions can be the spark for long-term progress. 

The Crosswalks to Classrooms quick-action project demonstrates changes and helps build momentum to improve livability for residents of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities right here in Tallahassee, and the opportunity to collaborate not only with WT Moore Elementary, but also with Westminster Oaks, has brought our community closer in new and exciting ways.

Thank you to all the sponsors, volunteers, and everyone who contributed to making our work THIS YEAR a reality. Especially these crosswalks we’re celebrating today. Thank you to:

    • Marjorie Turnbull, Bob Parker and the Westminster Oaks Residents Council 
    • AARP 
    • WT Moore Principal Kerri Anderson and all the students 
    • Leon County Government and staff including Vince Long, Charles Wu, Mat Cavel and the comms team, all the Leon County Government Public Works team members and everyone else who’s made this possible
    • Leon County EMS, especially Sally Davis, for coming out to engage with the students to provide safety training and information. 
    • Guy Harring at TransPo Industries and Glyn Owen at Traffic Calming USA for their installation, contributions and work on these beautiful crosswalks. We are excited to have you as part of our community.

Together, we are improving safety, enhancing placemaking and creating something beautiful that will continue to inspire and connect us.