Heather Mayo

Heather Mayo

Board of Trustees at Florida State University, Deputy Chief of Staff

Heather Mayo serves as the Deputy Chief of Staff to the President and Secretary to the Board of Trustees at Florida State University. Her responsibilities include assisting with administrative duties in the Office of the President and managing the planning and organization of Board of Trustees meetings. Before her current role, Ms. Mayo was the Assistant Director of Production and Community Engagement at the Florida State University College of Music. In this capacity, she managed production activities for Ruby Diamond Concert Hall and Opperman Music Hall. Additionally, during her time at the
College of Music, she taught as an adjunct professor of arts administration and a guest lecturer in music

Ms. Mayo has had a diverse career journey, having worked in various professional roles in the music industry in Nashville, TN, and the financial sector in Tallahassee, FL, before joining Florida State University. During her tenure at FSU, she has volunteered in leadership positions on various university councils and committees. Additionally, she has held leadership positions in several non-profit organizations in Tallahassee, such as serving as a 2018 Catalyst with the Knight Creative Communities Institute. On a state level, she has served as a council member of the Florida Council of Arts and Culture,
where she was appointed to serve by the Florida Speaker of the House in 2018 and reappointed for the position in 2020.

Ms. Mayo is a classically trained guitarist who earned two degrees from Florida State University College of Music: a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Music and a Master of Arts in Arts Administration.