Rick Minor

Rick Minor

Leon County Government, Commissioner

Rick Minor was elected to the Leon County Board of County Commissioners in August 2018 and took office in November. He represents the citizens of County District 3 and is focused on reducing crime, growing our economy by helping businesses bring quality jobs to District 3 and the County, protecting the environment, and ensuring that our local government performs at the highest ethical standards. Commissioner Rick Minor currently serves as the 2020-2021 Chairman.

Rick recently served as the Chief Executive Officer of our region’s nonprofit food bank. During his three-year tenure, the food bank’s distribution grew by 86%, revenue increased by 54% and in FY2019 it provided an all-time record 12.7 million pounds of food to those in need. The food bank coordinates with more than 135 agency partners across the Big Bend region — churches, schools, and other nonprofits — to serve about 55,000 people each month.

Rick is also the former Chief of Staff to the Mayor’s Office at Tallahassee’s City Hall. In that role, he was responsible for managing both the Mayor’s Office and the City’s involvement in various projects such as Local Business SaturdayChoose Tallahassee, and the DeSoto ‘America’s First Christmas’ site. Rick also functioned as the City’s intergovernmental and legislative liaison, advocating for federal and state policies that benefited Tallahassee’s residents and businesses.

For much of his career, Rick has developed public policy for state and local governments and he has also spent a great deal of time in the private sector, running the financial operations of a small business, managing accounts and making payroll for employees. In addition, Rick spent nearly a decade as a business and information technology consultant, working on numerous private and public sector projects throughout the United States as well as in Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, and Denmark. Rick is a native Floridian with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business. He has also earned a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. Rick and his wife Jessica are the proud parents of two young daughters.