Sponsor Part of TLH’s Newest Interactive Public Space

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Sponsor Part of TLH’s Newest Interactive Public Space

This year’s KCCI Community Catalyst team is excited to continue moving forward with plans and details for the Red Hills Rhythm Project. The team has been working closely with Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency and meeting with various City of Tallahassee entities to solidify the musical instruments and other materials, as well as finalize the layout of the space. The KCCI volunteer team has been continually providing research from all across the country from cities with similar outdoor musical elements and feedback from our community to help ensure this space is safe and fun for everyone who interacts with it.
This musical space has amazing potential to bring our community together and create a creative atmosphere among residents, visitors, students, musicians and non-musicians alike.  To make the interactive, musical space the best it can be, KCCI’s Red Hills Rhythm Community Catalyst team is seeking community support to sponsor some of the high-quality musical pieces. 
Sponsorships of the musical, interactive instruments are available on a first-come first serve basis. For more information, contact KCCI Community Catalyst Emily Ely at [email protected] or call (850) 459-0062.
The team looks forward to breaking ground and enjoying this space with our community in the coming months! For more information about the Red Hill project and to see additional conceptual renderings, click here.