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Red Hills Rhythm


Years: 2019

Leon County boasts a rich musical history. From decades-old jazz and blues institutions to university music programs to cutting-edge venues hosting some of today’s best talents, the Red Hills are alive with the sound of music.

The 2019 Red Hills Rhythm project will highlight this deep-seated connection and bring our community together through the creation of innovative musical element(s) in a public space. The Catalyst Team will collaborate to cast a vision for an interactive outdoor musical experience and then work to make it a permanent fixture within the Tallahassee landscape.

Ideas the Catalyst Team might pursue include:

Catalysts might also choose to incorporate other defining characteristics of Tallahassee into the musical experience. For example, the team could integrate the sounds of a fountain or small waterfall to celebrate the city’s reputation for excellent water quality and taste.

If you want to contribute to this placemaking initiative by becoming a member of KCCI’s 2019 Catalyst Team, please complete an application here: kccitallahassee.com/get-involved/