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Make a Lasting Effect on our Musical City

Name that Instrument!

Make a Lasting Effect on our Musical City

The 2019 KCCI Community Catalysts have designed “Red Hills Rhythm,” presented by The Enclaves at Collegetown. This inclusive music park is debuting in 2020 on the FAMU Way corridor. Local leaders and organizations are invited to imprint their names to this tuneful project that will add beauty and a buzz of activity in Leon County.

The Super Instrument

A highlight of the Red Hills Rhythm Ensemble is the “Tutti.” Known as a “super instrument,” it is a showstopping triad of xylophones with cascading keys made of hardwood, aluminum, and GRP. Played alone or with friends, the Tutti produces bright, penetrating rhythms and melodies.

You can sponsor the Tutti for $2500. More details of sponsorship benefits and the space can be found by clicking here. 

What’s in a name?

The easy sway of elephant trunks as they make their way through the African savannah inspired the design of the “Pentatonic Tembos,” another ensemble instrument available for a $2500 sponsorship.

“Tembo” is Swahili for elephant and just as these majestic animals impress their onlookers, the “Pentatonic Tembos” will astound those who visit Tallahassee’s future musical space.  To play a “Tembo” you strike the end of a long tube to give the air inside a jolt. The jolt creates a sweet-sounding vibration that creates amazingly funky music.

The Bells have It!

For those interested in sponsoring an instrument in the more contemplative area known as the Garden, please consider sponsoring the “Tubular Bells” for $1,000. These large, bold, handsome bells vibrate with deep tones that you can feel and hear. Not only do they sound striking, they visually showcase the art of music!

Put Your Name on Your Community

The $2500 and $1000 naming opportunities are two exclusive sponsor levels. KCCI welcomes donations of any amount. All donors will be recognized in KCCI publications.

Regardless of your sponsorship level, you will be contributing to a community project that will bring music and joy to Tallahassee. All instruments are built to withstand any weather conditions and they can easily be played by people of all abilities. Together, they will form an artful gathering place for our residents, students, and visitors that will resonate for years to come.

For more information on sponsorship of the Bells or any other instruments in the Red Hills Rhythm community space presented by the Enclaves at Collegetown, visit or call KCCI Community Catalyst Susan Baldino at (850) 510-8820.