KCCI Catalysts Share Final Musical Park Plans With Students

To create a space that is appealing to all, KCCI teams begin their work with research and discovery.┬áThe 2019 KCCI Red Hills Rhythm project is highlighting Leon County’s musical vibrancy by bringing the community together through helping turn the Coal Chute stormwater pond into a place of civic engagement with an interactive, musical park. As a centerpiece and draw for this future public space, the KCCI team designed a space that incorporates innovative musical elements.

The design for these elements began with feedback from the community, including students at the neighboring Pineview Elementary School. Based on their initial drawings and other community feedback KCCI’s volunteer Community Catalyst and designer, Emily Ely, prepared the final design.

Catalysts Brad Ashwell and Kip Richey along with KCCI’s Betsy Couch were able to go back into the classes and share with the students how their design helped shape the final musical park design. As an added bonus the students were able to listen to the sounds of instruments, which similar drums will be in the future space.

For more information about the Red Hills Rhythm project coming Winter 2020/21 on FAMU Way, click here.

They have also shared updates and conducted musical presentations with other schools including Sabal Palm Elementary and Gilchrist.

From 6-year-olds to 75-year-olds, the Red Hills Rhythm KCCI project received multigenerational feedback from thousands of locals to ensure that the public space embodies what the entire community wanted to see.