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2020 Bicycle Park Survey is Open for Input

2020 KCCI Bicycle Park Survey Open for Community Input

The 2020 KCCI Catalyst team’s placemaking project for 2020 is creating a local Bicycle Park. To create a park that the community will like and use, the team has created the Bicycle Park Survey, We ask you to take this 1-minute survey to help us determine the best design and direction for the park.

“Initial community feedback displayed the desire for a new cycling amenity in Leon County,” said Betsy Couch, Executive Director of KCCI. “KCCI’s team is looking into the creation of a unique cycling park that can help our community be safer and healthier.”

The Tallahassee area boasts over 700 miles of beautiful biking and hiking trails. The city and county have plans to connect existing trails into a broader network. A future cycling park could serve as a place of connectivity to bridge some of these trails together.

“Community input guides all KCCI projects,” said Tarsha Davis, KCCI Community Catalyst and small business owner. “The more input we have, the greater the ultimate outcome for creating a space that connects all citizens. Past KCCI projects that started with community input include the popular iconic TLH letters and Discovery in Cascades Park.”

For more information and updates on the Bike Park, visit and follow @kccitallahassee on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

“From young to old, beginners to more advanced, we envision a Bike Park for bicyclists of all backgrounds to gather and evolve new skills in various terrains,” said Davis.