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Bicycle Park


Years: 2020

Cycling is a healthy activity for all ages and popular for Leon County residents and tourists. Yet, Florida leads the nation in cycling fatalities, and Leon County has recently seen its share of cycling accidents.

To help make the community safer and provide a safe place for people to learn to ride their bikes, the KCCI 2020 Community Catalyst team will create the first of its kind in the region – an educational Bicycle Park.

The team of volunteer Community Catalysts are responsible for choosing the final form and location. They have already begun gathering community feedback. The project could replace vacant, underutilized space or be situated in or near an existing bike trail or park.

A public space dedicated to the activity creates several benefits like improved community health and safer riders. In addition, a diverse outdoor recreation system like this improves Tallahassee’s economic vitality by providing a high quality of life for residents.

The opportunities are endless with this new, future community space for our region. Stay tuned for more information by following KCCI on Instagram or Facebook or by joining KCCI’s e-newseltter. Links to all of these resources are at the top right of www.KCCITallahassee.com.