Behind the Scenes: Art of the Box

How do you secure more art in public places?

First, it starts with an idea and a desire to see the concept through.

KCCI envisioned the Art of the Box pilot project, and thanks to the leadership and involvement from the City of Tallahassee was able to see to make concept a reality. Placemaking is a collaborative process in which a community re-imagines itself through public places; it is about using what already exists in an area to revitalize it. Tallahassee has a rich community of local artists, and the Art of the Box pilot project was the perfect opportunity to empower local artists and brighten intersections by transforming drab, yet functional and needed, outdoor traffic control boxes into art.

First a logo was developed for the project. Then, a call for artists to submit their work for the chance to have it displayed on a traffic control box, which COCA helped promote. Out of all the entries, six artists were chosen by a selection committee.

Art of the Box logo

Once selected, the artwork was formatted to each Traffic Control Box and sent to Fast Signs for printing.

The artwork was then digitally translated onto vinyl by Frank Dietrich. These files were then printed and wrapped around the traffic control boxes.

Watch this live video of the installation process: IMG_1558

Professional installation was completed by Lakeside Graphics, who worked from sun-up to sun-down to install all the boxes in one day.

Through this project, the artists were able to see their two dimensional work transformed into outdoor 3-D installations for all to enjoy. The artists were awarded $200 stipends for their artistry, thus supporting local artists and providing economic opportunities for them.

To learn more about each artist, click here.

On Sept. 23, the transformed Traffic Control Boxes were unveiled with excitement for the community to appreciate at six different locations. Mayor John Dailey, City Commissioners, COCA, project partner Fast Signs, and four of the local artists joined KCCI to unveil the Traffic Control Box wrapped with Christopher Barnhart’s “Infinite Possibilities” design.