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Art of the Box


Years: 2020


Art of the Box Presented by KCCI & The City of Tallahassee

with support from COCA and Fast Signs


Project Overview:

KCCI is commissioning local artists to transform up to 5 Traffic Control Boxes (TCB) into three-dimensional artwork through the Art of the Box Pilot Project. These public infrastructures provide canvases to enhance streetscapes that foster excitement and build a unique sense of place for residents, students, and visitors. Student, emerging or professional artists are invited to submit original art to be featured on the Traffic Control Boxes and will be paid a $200 stipend for their work if they are selected.


The Art of the Box initiative allows artists the opportunity to exhibit art outdoors in the public realm (even if their original artwork medium cannot withstand Tallahassee weather) by having their artwork printed onto vinyl which will then be used to wrap the TCB. Digitally translating images onto vinyl enables the transformation of two-dimensional artworks into outdoor three-dimensional murals for all to enjoy.


The Art of the Box initiative:

– Provides economic opportunity & marketing for artists

– Beautifies major thoroughfares

– Creates an economic engine that empowers creatives

– Transforms governmental infrastructure into works of outdoor art

– Deters vandalism by replacing with art

– Offers accessibility to art

– Adds excitement & interest


The vinyl art wraps will be installed in fall 2020, during KCCI’s 2nd Annual Placemaking Week.


There is no application fee for artists. The TCB vinyl wraps will be installed at no cost to artists.


Artist Selection:

Artist selection will be led by KCCI and the Art of the Box Community Selection Panel who will review the artwork and approve recommendations regarding selection and placement that will be presented to the City of Tallahassee.


Each Traffic Control Box will promote the web site where the artists will be featured. Links to the artists own web pages or social media will be on the main Art of the Box page.


Art Design Goals:

  • Art shall be inspired and/or uplifting
  • Art shall enhance the surrounding environment and foster a unique sense of place.



  • Open to all artists residing in Leon County. Artists younger than 18 years old must have a parent or guardian submit a letter of permission to [email protected] stating agreement to use the minor’s artwork in the Art of the Box campaign. An email reply will be sent confirming receipt within 48 hours. If you do not receive a written response, please call (850) 509-3767.
  • Artwork must be original.
  • Artists must submit a high-resolution .pdf digital image (at least 300 DPI) of their artwork via the application, which can be found by clicking here. 
  • Digital images of all types of media will be accepted including 2-d, 3-d fine art, craft, digital design, and photography, but exclude video and performance art.


Art Design Criteria:

  • Artwork containing nudity or religious imagery will not be considered for this opportunity. The selection committee reserves the right to reject artworks that do not meet standards of quality and public safety or are inappropriate for this application.
  • Art must not use representations of traffic lights, signs, signals, maps or other common driver instructional or wayfinding infrastructure and/or resource.
  • Art design shall wrap all sides of the TCB sides for continuous flow. Designs should avoid using each TCB sides for a different image or concept.
  • Art should include bold forms and vibrant colors that can be easily viewed by motorists and shall take into account vehicular and pedestrian sight lines.
  • Art shall use the TCB shape as an integral part of the design.
  • All artwork must conform to specific dimensions of the TCB. KCCI and project partners reserve the right to adapt the artwork to the space to best fit the nature and dimensions of the artwork display area.
  • Advertising is not permitted under any circumstance.
  • Artist signature may be included in art but shall not be visible from the roadway or otherwise cause distraction to the drivers or bicyclists.
  • Except for the artist signature, art shall not include words or alphanumeric characters.
  • Art shall not contain logos or trademarketed products or images.
  • Artworks that do not meet the submission standards indicated by the prospectus will be disqualified.
  • Artists’ acknowledge that art designs may be altered to accommodate TCB dimensions and installation.
  • The decision of the Art of the Box Community Selection Panel is final.


Entry Procedure:

  • Complete online form by deadline. KCCI will only accept online applications. Late entries will not be reviewed or accepted.
  • Each artist may submit up to three separate pieces of art. However, no artist will have more than one of their proposed artworks selected for the project.



Artists name will be printed on the artwork reproductions and all sales inquiries will be referred directly to the artist. Neither KCCI nor the project partners shall act as an agent and no sales commission will be charged.



Submission of an entry form shall imply an agreement on the part of the artist to all conditions of this prospectus, including permission for reproduction of artwork images for documentation, publicity and educational purposes. Work cannot be substituted once accepted for the project, nor can the artist request work be de-installed prior to the end of the project. Artwork may be removed without notice. If, during the duration of project, artwork is seriously damaged, the piece may be removed, reprinted or reinstalled. All Art of the Box partners have the right to showcase the artwork for campaign purposes.


Traffic Control Box (TCB) Concept Template:

  • Artists are encouraged to consider the concept template below to develop their concept art design or when selected a previous piece of art to submit.
  • Actual TCB sizes vary. Art designs may be altered to accommodate the TCB dimensions.
  • In general the TCB sizes may be the following, but are not limited to this size: Front and Back – 27” X 63 ½” and Left and Right Sides – 22 ½” X 63 ½”
  • The five new Art of the Box locations installations this fall include:

1) Market St. and Timberlane Rd.

2) W Osceola and Wahnish Way

3) College and Adams

4) Tharpe and Ocala

5) Buck Lake Rd. and Pedrick


Sample Visual Before & After:

BEFORE                                                                                                                                   AFTER   *Sample artwork provided by Frank Dietrich.


Schedule of Process:

  • June 29 – Announce Call to Artists
  • August 3 – Artist submissions due
  • August 12 – Selected artwork announced
  • Sept 21-25 – Vinyl art wraps installed at no cost to artists during KCCI’s Placemaking Week

Please submit any questions to Betsy Couch, KCCI Executive Director at [email protected].