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Art of the Box

Transforming Traffic Control Boxes into art throughout the Tallahassee area
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The Art of the Box Pilot Project was envisioned by KCCI and made possible in partnership with the City of Tallahassee and these Community Partners:

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Local artists were commissioned to transform Traffic Control Boxes into outdoor art through the Art of the Box Pilot Project.

These public infrastructures provide canvases to enhance streetscapes that foster excitement and build a unique sense of place for residents, students, and visitors.

The artists’ designs were transferred onto City of Tallahassee Traffic Control Boxes, and one of the designs was transferred on a Leon County utility box. The following artists were selected through a free online application process that was open to all local residents:

Art Locations

2021 Art of the Box Map With Labels

To view and print a map of all the art locations, click here.

The Art of the Box initiative allows artists the opportunity to exhibit art outdoors in the public realm by having their artwork printed onto vinyl, which wrap the traffic control boxes. Digitally translating images onto vinyl enables the transformation of two-dimensional artworks into outdoor three-dimensional murals for all to enjoy.

The Art of the Box Initiative

  • paint brush, marker, pencil Provides economic opportunity & marketing for artists
  • bubbles and sparkles Beautifies major thoroughfares
  • paint tubes Creates an economic engine that empowers creatives
  • outdoor art on canvas Transforms governmental infrastructure into works of outdoor art
  • spray can Deters vandalism by replacing with art
  • hanging art in frame Offers accessibility to art
  • excited faces Adds excitement & interest

Featured Artists

Christopher Barnhart art

Christopher Barnhart

Christopher Barnhart is a dynamic one-of-a-kind freestyle artist specializing in multi-dimensional artwork that symbolizes infinity, my ladies, a mothers love, the protector and so much more meticulously detailed. Barnhart’s “Infinite Possibilities” demonstrates his talent in mixed media artwork. You can follow Christopher on Facebook at Christopher Barnhart or on Instagram @razorartwork.

Christopher Barnhart art
Nipa Eason art

Nipa Eason

Nipa Eason is a creative director, visual storyteller, client consultant and traditional and digital art creator. Her selected work is “Southern Magnolias,” a long-lasting flower symbol of Tallahassee that she features in a modern, stylized and colorful way showing forward progress in our community. Follow Nipa on Instagram at @nipa_ready_go or @pani26.

Nipa Eason art
Powell Kay Kreis art

Powell Kay Kreis

Powell Kay Kreis has been immersed in the arts her entire life; painting, drawing, and designing jewelry are her true passions. “Florida at Night” illustrates her memories of growing up in the woods of Tallahassee. For Powell, nature is especially magical at night. Follow her on Instagram @Powellina_designs.

Powell Kay Kreis art
Mary Maurer art

Mary Maurer

Mary Maurer is an environmental artist. She wants to use her art to promote ocean and endangered species conservation. Her art has been exhibited at LeMoyne, most recently at the Members show January 2021. Mary’s “Blue Planet Love” celebrates Florida’s diverse ecology and Tallahassee’s outdoor spaces. Check out her Instagram page at @annmaurer_fineart.

Mary Maurer art
Sarah Painter art

Sarah Painter

Sarah Painter is an artist and educator based in North Florida. When she’s not teaching high school art at Maclay School, she is painting. Painter specializes in socially engaged, site-specific mural works. She has worked with public and private entities to paint throughout Tallahassee, across the United States, and internationally. Follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahpainter

Sarah Painter art
Perdita Ross art

Perdita Ross

Perdita Ross specializes in Custom artwork, display design and 3D interactive blacklight art events.”Harmony” is a paper collage made from painted recycled cardboard boxes. For more information about Perdita, visit or follow her on Instagram @perditaross and

Perdita Ross art
Dan Taylor art

Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor’s “Springtime Tallahassee” is meant to evoke fond memories of our local parks—crowded with families and folks, young and old, under the canopy enjoying all our community has to offer. Follow him on Instagram @dantaylorartist.

Dan Taylor art
Walter Thorner art

Walter Thorner

Walter Thorner works in graphic arts, clay and stained-glass and has taught at the college, high and middle school levels and teaches at Woodville K-8 School. His public designs include Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, and St. John’s Episcopal Church and the C.K. Steele sculpture in Tallahassee. His artwork selected for Art of the Box is “Moving On.”

Walter Thorner art
Mary Liz Tippin-Moody art

Mary Liz Tippin-Moody

Mary Liz Tippin-Moody is an artist and freelancer creating watercolor paintings and illustrations, collages, clay sculptures, graphic design projects and written content. Her “Thin Red Line of Hope” depicts creatures native to the Tallahassee region sharing a thin red ribbon that represents their ability to survive despite many threats. Visit her website at

Mary Liz Tippin-Moody art

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