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A Win for Art in Public Spaces

This afternoon the City Commission adopted a new program for “artful infrastructure,” committing $22,000 to wrap traffic control boxes around Tallahassee with local art. KCCI’s Art Access TLH 2021 Community Catalyst team is so thrilled to see the Art of the Box project expanded with this vote, as it will improve art accessibility and showcase local artists in public spaces.

For the past 3 months, the 2021 KCCI Community Catalyst volunteer team has researched best practices across the county and ways to generate more local art in the community.

Through the City’s newly-adopted policy Art of the Box can be expanded and hopefully other other opportunities identified can be implemented (imagine colorful crosswalks, creative benches, artistic trash cans).

For the past 3 months, the 2021 KCCI Community Catalyst volunteer team has researched ways to generate more local art in the community by expanding Art of the Box and identifying other opportunities. The team looks forward to serving as a “catalyst” between private partners and government partners to ensure there is a collaborative effort to promote and generate more art in public spaces including traffic and utility boxes are wrapped with local artwork.

The team is looking forward to continued student artist involvement as the art in public spaces concept gains popularity. In addition to a recently unveiled partnership with The Maclay School, the KCCI team is working with Title 1 Schools. Just yesterday, we toured Nims to talk about specifics there.

In case you missed it, the Call for Artists is open to submit artwork to wrap Leon County Government utility boxes. Two weeks ago, our KCCI team and Leon County Government announced an Art of the Box partnership to wrap graffiti covered-utility boxes at libraries and parks with local art. The Call for Artists is open and we are currently collecting art submissions for those county boxes. These artful boxes debut in July. Call to Artists_AoB_County_FINAL

In addition to the county box locations, this Catalyst team identified the optimum corridor to feature artistic traffic control boxes throughout the city. Where people of all walks of life can enjoy the diversity of local artistic talent through walking, cycling or vehicular tours.  The corridor plan will positively impact economic vitality in the City while benefiting the business community through enhanced foot traffic and placemaking near their storefronts.

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