Gilchrist Bicycle Park Completed

The second Bicycle Park in Leon County was unveiled on Tuesday, May 11. Over the past four months, KCCI’s 2020 Bike Park Team has been planning, designing, and implementing an educational bicycle park for students at Gilchrist Elementary School. The space incorporates play and follows the model proposed by KCCI’s team that was used to create the bike park at Sabal Palm Elementary, a Community Partnership School. These type of spaces are known in the planning and transportation realm as traffic gardens or safety town.

The bike park at Gilchrist offers diverse elements for students to learn bicycle safety, including painted road signs and roadways modeling those in real life. At the unveiling, students were excited to begin using the space.

Thank you to the 2020 Catalysts for their leadership in implementing the second bicycle park in the county: Theresa Bender, Bo Courtenay, Tarsha Davis, Chris Edwards, Bill Eichhoefer, Richard Fetchick, Suzannah Grasel, Eric Katz, Molly Lord, Patrick O’Bryant, Jamiron Richardson, and Callie Watson. Special thank you to Suzannah Grasel for the bike park design. Suzannah is also a graduate of Gilchrist Elementary School. 

The Catalyst team built upon their success with the first bicycle park at Sabal Palm Elementary, a Community Partnership School. Read about the Sabal Palm Bike Park and the 2020 Catalyst Team’s previous work here. Both bike parks at Sabal Palm and Gilchrist Elementary Schools offer unique, engaging experiences for students. These spaces have already become models for future bicycle parks in Florida and other states. 

Currently, both spaces are only available to students attending the schools. KCCI’s team is in talks to try to make a public educational bicycle space possible in Leon County.