Bicycle park gets community in on pedaling passion

The Tallahassee bike trails truly are some of the most beautiful and diverse in the state. A cyclist can ride from Cascades Park and down the St. Marks Trail for a riverside lunch, explore red clay roads of Georgia, or shred trails at Tom Brown Park.

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Bicycles in high demand in Tallahassee.

Bicycles are in high demand in Tallahassee as more people are socially distancing and looking to stay healthy. KCCI's 2020 Bicycle Community Catalyst team created a traveling bike rack to raise awareness of Leon County's trails and cycling features.

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KCCI Women to Watch

Congratulations to these six high-achieving women to watch for being selected to the 2020 KCCI Community Catalyst class: Theresa Bender, Tarsha Davis, Suzannah Grasel, Molly Lord, Jessica Sorenson, and Callie Watson. Read on page 65.

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