Press Releases

KCCI Community Catalysts Unveil Musical Project

The Knight Creative Communities Institute (KCCI) Red Hills Rhythm volunteer Community Catalyst team celebrates the installation of the Red Hills Rhythm musical parklet within Coal Chute Pond Park on FAMU Way. The first of its kind in Leon County.Read More

Greetings from Tallahassee

As part of the KCCI 2021 Community Catalyst project goal to create more public art and as part of KCCI's role in Market District placemaking improvements, KCCI helped facilitate the creation of the new mural in the Market District. Read More

Become a KCCI Catalyst

Apply now to become a 2022 KCCI Community Catalyst. To add to the experience of our trails and help generate a reason for people to come back again and again the Catalyst team could create unexpected art elements along trails. Learn more via the linkRead More

An Art-filled Lunch Break

A diverse group came to discovered diverse downtown art, hear from local artists, and enjoy lunch, bubby and sweets at Lemoyne Art Gallery. Read More

Gilchrist Elementary School creates Art of the Box

KCCI's Art of the Box program expanded through the City of Tallahassee's newly adopted transition of the program called, Artful Infrastructure. The newest box is made possible by Gilchrist Elementary School and the City of Tallahassee. Read More