Catalyst Interview Series: Pamela Paultre

What's a Tallahassee "love note" and what are some community members doing to retain young talent? As part of our ongoing Interview Series, we chatted with former KCCI Community Catalyst Pamela Paultre (Spark TLH, 2013) to learn more.Read More

Catalyst Interview Series: T.J. Lewis

KCCI sat down with former Community Catalyst T.J. Lewis (2007-2008). Founder of, Lewis talks about his KCCI experience, the inspiration behind his popular website and much more.Read More

Catalyst Interview Series: Chucha Barber

To kick off the interview series, KCCI sat down with former KCCI Community Catalyst, Chucha Barber (2007-2008). An avid promoter of the arts, Barber shares her unique perspective on Tallahassee and the impact of film on growing communities. Read More

KCCI Talks With NBC’s Our Issues Tallahassee

KCCI recently sat down with NBC’s Our Issues host Berneice Cox to talk about KCCI and the current sense of place initiatives such as the Frenchtown Farmer’s Market, Downtown Sense of Place and Tallahassee Music Week. Read More