Placemaking Week 2021

Working with community partners, KCCI is organizing an engaging Placemaking Week of hands-on community building and innovative social events. Join us as we leave behind a public space legacy and enhance sense of place in Tallahassee. Read More

Artful Infrastructure Installed

As part of the City of Tallahassee’s Artful Infrastructure Program, new public art installations on traffic control boxes are underway during KCCI's 3rd Annual Placemaking Week.Read More

Musical Park Coming Soon

The Red Hills Rhythm Project at Coal Chute Pond is a few short months away from being installed. Blueprint has partnered with KCCI’s Red Hills Rhythm Catalyst team to bring musical-play features to this new community space. Read More

9/11 Memorial

A 9/11 outdoor art memorial featuring a segment of the south beam of the World Trade Center is being announced by KCCI's 2021 Community Catalyst team, Leon County Government, the American Red Cross, the City of Tallahassee, and Team Guardian Inc.Read More

Gilchrist Bicycle Park Completed

The second Bicycle Park in Leon County was unveiled on Tuesday, May 11 at Gilchrist Elementary School. The bike park at Gilchrist was designed and implemented by the 2020 Catalyst Team to offer diverse elements for students to learn bicycle safety. Read More

A Win for Art in Public Spaces

This afternoon the City Commission adopted the artful infrastructure policy, which KCCI’s Art Access TLH 2021 Community Catalyst team is excited to see become a reality as it will improve art accessibility and showcase local artists in public spaces.Read More

10th Art of the Box Unveiling

On April 13, the 10th Art of the Box artwork was unveiled at the intersection of Maclay Blvd. and Meridian Rd. This is the first artistic box to feature student artwork. Congratulations sophomore Olivia Schroeder! Read More