Catalyst Interview Series: Mat Tharpe

Mat Tharpe, a fourth generation Tallahassee native, reflects on his time as a 2016 Community Catalyst and how the Reimagining Waterworks project has taken shape, as well as sharing why he started his business in his hometown. Read More

Catalyst Interview Series: Byron Greene

KCCI's 2013-2014 Catalyst Team created Tallahassee Music Week and passed the baton to the Word of South Festival in 2017. Byron Greene shared his experience as a Catalyst promoting local musicians and increasing public appreciation.Read More

Tallahassee’s Top 50 List

The 2018 KCCI Community Catalyst Class, known as Experience Tallahassee, has created a list of top 50 places to experience. Check items off the list, and share your progress on social media with #ExperienceTLH. Read More

A #hashtag with a meaning

#iHeartTally and the letters–TLH–are much more than a photo-op or airport code. The 2017 KCCI Community Catalyst team's art installation is a visual reminder of who we are. Read more as Catalyst Tiffany Bowers's reflects on her project experience. Read More

Catalyst Interview Series: Abena Ojetayo

Two years ago, she didn't know if she'd remain in Tallahassee. However, after encouragement from a friend, Chief Resilience Officer, Abena Ojetayo found herself being accepted as a KCCI Catalyst and is now deeply vested in the future of Leon County. Read More

T L H urban park opens April 12, 2018

KCCI’s #iHeartTally Community Catalyst team's T L H urban park will open the evening of April 12, 2018. The park's centerpiece attraction will engage the community and encourage tourists and residents to share photos on social media. Read More

Catalyst Interview Series: Brian Batchelder

Brian has lived the true meaning of "iHeartTally." After moving to Boston from Tallahassee for a major career promotion, Brian realized that there is no place like Tallahassee and quickly worked to move his family back. Read More