Catalyst Interview Series: Bryan Desloge

Commissioner Bryan Desloge is currently an Advisory Board Member and was involved with our Get Gaines Going Project, which pushed up the timetable for the redevelopment of Gaines St. by 11 years. Read More

Catalyst Interview Series: Melanie Yeager

Melanie Yeager was a member of our 2011-2012 Gateway Tallahassee team, who worked to improve the North Monroe Corridor. She is currently the Strategic Communications Manager for the Florida State University College of Business. Read More


KCCI’s 2017 Team is taking the popular #iHeartTally social media symbol a step further by creating an urban park that is home to the 3-D visual representation of the hashtag where people can stand next to, take selfies or relax near the letters. Read More

Catalyst Interview Series: Nancy Blum-Heintz

Nancy Blum-Heintz is Senior Consultant at VisionFirst Advisors. She is member of KCCI's Southside Sense of Place project that created the Palmer Avenue Streetscape improvement. Palmer Avenue now serves as the model for future connector roads. Read More