“The Connect” Series

"The Connect" series has showcased each 2019 Red Hills Rhythm Community Catalyst Team member over the past 12 weeks. Click here to see an overview and to learn more about each catalyst!Read More

Creating a Public Space for All

All KCCI projects begin with research and discovery. For the 2019 project, KCCI has already received multigenerational feedback from more than 600 locals to ensure that the public space embodies what the entire community wants to see. Read More

2019 Community Catalyst Class Begins

KCCI’s 2019 Catalyst Class officially kicked off at the 2-day training. This class aims to help transform the Coal Chute stormwater pond in to a welcoming, multi-use space that includes interactive musical-element(s).Read More

Catalyst Interview Series: Mat Tharpe

Mat Tharpe, a fourth generation Tallahassee native, reflects on his time as a 2016 Community Catalyst and how the Reimagining Waterworks project has taken shape, as well as sharing why he started his business in his hometown. Read More

Catalyst Interview Series: Byron Greene

KCCI's 2013-2014 Catalyst Team created Tallahassee Music Week and passed the baton to the Word of South Festival in 2017. Byron Greene shared his experience as a Catalyst promoting local musicians and increasing public appreciation.Read More

Tallahassee’s Top 50 List

The 2018 KCCI Community Catalyst Class, known as Experience Tallahassee, has created a list of top 50 places to experience. Check items off the list, and share your progress on social media with #ExperienceTLH. Read More