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Tallahassee Music Week


Years: 2016

Tallahassee Music Week is a 10-day celebration of the Capital City’s rich and diverse musical talent. Since 2015, in April Tallahassee experiences an unprecedented variety of musical performances from local and national artists. From a virtuoso string quartet in a coffee shop, to an indie band at a nightclub, to a student concert in a downtown park, Tallahassee Music Week features dozens of performances all over town.

The majority of the Tallahassee Music Week performances are free to the public and take place in local restaurants, clubs, and non-traditional venues such as coffee shops, grocery stores, governmental office buildings and other areas where people gather.

Some of these events are ticketed musical performances hosted by partners such as Opening Nights Performing Arts Series, Scott Carswell Productions, and the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra. These event occur in well-established venues such as FSU Ruby Diamond Auditorium, The Moon, Opperman Music Hall, and the Cascades Park Amphitheater.

Tallahassee Music Week first began in 2016 and continued annually for a few years. Tallahassee Music Week passes the baton, to Word Of South Festival of Literature and Music, which takes place in April.

In 2017 Tallahassee Music Week partnered with local groups to create a week of live music featuring more than 140 mostly free performances throughout Tallahassee April 1-7, 2017. The event provided entertainment for the community, elevated the brand of the local music scene while also showcasing local musical talent.

For more information, visit www.tallahasseemusicweek.com or contact any of the Tallahassee Music week team members.

Community Catalysts

These are the people who helped make this project possible.

  • Dominick Ard’is
  • Melissa Baniak
  • Carla DeLoach
  • Gareth Euridge
  • Donald Gray
  • Byron Greene
  • Max Herrle
  • Jacqueline Kornegay
  • C.B. Lorch
  • Rick Minor
  • Kyle Phelps
  • Paul Strickland